Surveillance Camera Installation & Repair

Not all Surveillance Systems are made the same.

Do you need High Definition or Mega-Pixel cameras? Do you need your cameras to have wide dynamic range? Do you want non smear IR? Do you need extreme low light with out IR? How’s the lighting situation for night time? Are pointing into a bright area? Do you need offsite access? What about a vari-focal lens or auto focus? Do you need to catch a license plate?

As you can see its not easy choosing the right camera for the intended purpose. Yes, you can go online or to the big box store and buy a whole system with cameras for $500, but how long do you think its going to last and do you think it will capture that event when you need it too? What about installation? Are you going to hire a handy man to install it or do it yourself? Do you think wireless cameras really work well? They don’t.

SWFCE takes installation of surveillance systems and proper design seriously. We want you to be able to count on the system we installed for you. When your surveillance camera system installation is complete, we take the time to show you how it works, how the app works and make any adjustments necessary to give you the view you want. And if you ever have a problem, we are there for you with fast service to take care of any problem should one arise.