Computer Networks Installation & Repair - Wired & Wireless

When SWFCE performs the computer network installation in your home or business you can be assured the wires are ran and terminated properly as well as being speed tested to assure proper operation. All of the network head ends are trimmed to perfection with proper labeling and easy to re-configure patch panels.

Lets not forget wireless computer network installation either. We can make that happen too. Surf the web from your lanai or crunch the latest spread sheet from the corporate cafeteria.

When you want your computer network installation performed right then give us a call.


A great computer network installation is vital for any business today. Even residential customers are finding they need a great quality high speed network installed too to be able to stream all the latest 5K content.

Don’t trust that your electrician is going to install your computer network properly. Time and time again we follow behind these guys cleaning up their messes, they are good at running wires, but don’t fair well delivering the finished product.